I ordered myself a pillowcase to see if the print looks okay, and it looks great! Soo…

If you want Worf to approve of your house and tea: pillowcases and mugs are available now!

cute fluffy cow not included


I always thought Voyager was the happiest little ship in the fleet.

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▀ (1) Anonymous asked, "Hey I'm doing a paper in history class about Star Trek original series (it was assigned) so i don't know much about it. But do you know some events in Star Trek that portrayed events in real life at that time? or do you just have any ideas in general? i'm sorta lost on this.."

They had many episodes that referenced to events in real life at that time.

Several episodes were about the Vietnam War (link)

This website is about the social statements Star Trek made in the 60’s.

You could also check Memory Alpha. The Background Information on the episode pages often say about what event in real life it was based.

Many, many papers and books have been written about Star Trek. I suggest you dig around in Google a bit and you will surely find what you need.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, but please don’t do it anonymously. I’d prefer to answer questions like this privately.